Reference Projects
Union Pacific freight locomotive Freight locomotive manufacturers:
General Electric Transportation – Rail
Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc.

Railway systems:
Union Pacific – Omaha, Nebraska USA
Norfolk Southern – Norfolk, Virginia USA
CSX Transportation - Jacksonville, Florida USA
Burlington Northern/Santa Fe - Fort Worth, Texas USA

NASG products:

-Framed windshields heated with NASG wire-grid technology
-Framed non-heated glass

Caltrain commuter locomotive Commuter locomotive manufacturers:
MotivePower/Wabtec Corporation

Commuter rail lines:
METRA – Chicago, Illinois USA
Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG)-
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
Penninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (Caltrains)-
San Carlos, California USA
New Jersey Transit – Union City, New Jersey USA

NASG products:

-Framed windshield heated by Electriplex® coated windshield technology
-Cab side drop sash windows with balancing mechanism
-Framed polycarbonate emergency escape side windows