Specialty Products

Hellcat™ Ultra High Strength Glass with Superior Scratch and Abrasion Resistance!
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NASG is also capable of designing and building the following specialty products:

  • Shaped single ply’s of glass and polycarbonate
  • Laminated glass and polycarbonate
  • Steel and Aluminum Framing Systems
  • Flat and curved shapes
  • Heated glass (coated and wire)
  • Spall shield 
  • Engineering shapes and combinations of the above
  • Cooperative design and development
  • Tempered, chemically strengthened, painted and printed, UV resistant, Vandal ply, tinted and/or logos.

Examples of Specialty Products:

  • Mine Safety Masks
  • Marine Windshields and Glasses
  • Lenses and Headlights
  • Signage and Enclosures