Our Mission Statement

Custom Glass Solutions is ISO 9001:2015 certified company that devotes substantial resources to continually evaluate new products and processes to ensure our engineered security and specialty glazing products meet or exceed the protection needs of today’s changing world.  We are the only North American (US) vertically integrated manufacturer and we meet and exceed Buy American Requirements.

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Transparent Armor for Military Vehicles

Military vehicles outfitted with Transparent Armor from Custom Glass Solutions are protecting service men and women from ballistic and high-energy attacks in some of the worst, war-torn locations on earth.

Custom Glass Solutions routinely develops and produces the toughest glass and polycarbonate laminate combinations available for all protection levels.

That’s why we are an approved contractor to the US armed forces, NATO armed forces, UN forces, and many other military organizations around the world.

The range of armored glass combinations provided by Custom Glass Solutions are certified by ballistic laboratories to meet the following major international standards:

  • European CEN
  • American NIJ
  • STANAG 4569
  • ATP 2352
  • CEN 1063
  • NIJ
  • WMFL Timed
  • ASTM
  • Other standards for all threat levels

Your Transparent Armor Needs

  • Ensure Warfighter Safety
  • Provide Improved Visibility
  • Meet & Exceed threat specifications (Updated ATPD 2352 Rev U)
  • Realize Industry-leading Reliability
  • Enhance Vehicle Aesthetics
  • Receive Next level Supplier Performance – Engineering, Customer Service, Manufacturability, On-time Delivery

To learn more about the protection levels provided by Custom Glass Solutions armored transparencies, click here.

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