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Custom Glass Solutions is ISO 9001:2015 certified company that devotes substantial resources to continually evaluate new products and processes to ensure our engineered security and specialty glazing products meet or exceed the protection needs of today’s changing world.  We are the only North American (US) vertically integrated manufacturer and we meet and exceed Buy American Requirements.

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Railway Product Details

Railway Product Details for Train Glass

Complex Windshield Shapes

The shape of railway train windshields has evolved as the next generation of trains becomes more aerodynamic. CGS meets these changing needs by developing customized glazings in traditional flat or curved shapes, small or large dimensions, state-of-the-art complex curvatures, and traditional multiple-ply assemblies (including curved heated shapes) for whatever is required by our customers.

Windshield Heating Systems

A heating system that provides maximum visibility for the operator in all weather conditions is essential for any railway windshield, regardless of size or shape. The heating system also needs to operate rapidly and efficiently to minimize time waiting for the windshield to clear.

CGS offers two optimized electrical heating systems with our train glass – B-plex, based on a conductive coated glass technology, and Wire Grid, a system using advanced conductive wire technology. CGS guarantees the preservation of colors (colorimetry) and high optical quality whatever the requirements of the windshield specification and relevant safety standards.

A CGS designed heating system can also improve the ballistic performance of a windshield, especially its impact resistance at low temperatures.

B-plex Coating Technology

  • Very thin, transparent metallic coating fused onto glass surface during glass manufacturing
  • Used in high-voltage applications (74 V and higher)
  • Negligible loss of luminous transmission
  • Distortion free when heated
  • No visible heating wires
  • Manufactured and assembled in the United States

Wire-Grid Technology

  • Very thin, nearly invisible wires woven into interlayer material
  • Wires blanket the windshield in a sine pattern, with close spacing between wires
  • Very flexible system for uniform heating, even on oddly shaped train windshields
  • Works with voltages 74V and below
  • Luminous transmission unaffected by the heating element
  • Strong adhesion to the laminate helps prevent delaminating

Side Window Systems

CGS Holdings LLC offers a full line of side window systems, including side passenger windows, cab-side horizontal sliding sash windows, cab-side vertical sliding windows, cab-side mechanically balanced drop windows, cab-partition windows, wind screens, and passenger door windows.

All CGS Side window systems are certified in accordance with U.S. and international railway standards.

Reducing the Effects of Vandalism – Anti-Vandal Glass Solutions

Vandalism has caused many transit authorities to rethink windows and issues related to their replacement. In response, CGS offers a complete line of anti-vandal glass products that provide vandal-resistance and quick change-out for customers experiencing vandalism problems.

Anti-vandal Removable Plastic Liners

  • Installed during manufacture or after the train glass installation
  • Optical characteristics are comparable to those of glass
  • Increased protection of glass
  • Can be removed and replaced should vandalism occur
  • Available in single or multiple layers

ToroGlas- for Improved Impact Resistance

To improve its mechanical performance – resistance to impacts, wind pressure, thermal stresses or other applied loads – annealed glass for railway applications must be reinforced before it is laminated. Typically the reinforcing is done by either thermal tempering, or by chemical strengthening. Both processes create compressive stresses in the outside surfaces of the glass to reinforce its strength.

While thermal-tempered glass provides strength superior to that of annealed glass, it is not as tough as annealed glass and vulnerable to scratches and abrasion. Plus on impact thermal-tempered glass shatters into tiny thumb-nail size pieces because of edge stresses created during the heat-treating process. In a laminated window this shattering characteristic creates a break pattern that can severely limit visibility.

With ToroGlas chemically strengthened glass from CGS the break pattern is comparable to that of annealed glass. The break remains localized, with no dicing effect to interfere with visibility.

ToroGlas also delivers the high-strength of thermally-tempered glass while providing the optical qualities of annealed glass (flatness, with no undulation). The impact-resistance of ToroGlas far exceeds that of annealed glass.

And unlike its thermally treated counterpart, ToroGlas offers scratch and abrasion resistance, thermal-shock resistance, high optics, and is available on all float glass thicknesses (.6 mm to 12 mm) for improved weight reduction.

CGS also uses semi-tempering to strengthen certain products. The choice between chemical strengthening and strengthening by semi-tempering depends on the application – but each process results in excellent residual visibility after impact damage.

Ballistics And Large Object Impact Resistance

All CGS windshields and safety glazing systems are tested, validated on site, and optimized in terms of thickness, weight and cost effectiveness. This information is then re-certified by independent outside laboratories to ensure our products meet all applicable U.S. and Canadian safety performance standards. Among the parameters taken into account:

  • Climatic environment
  • Method of installation
  • Geometry of the window
  • Impact energy
  • Location of the impact point
  • Size and speed of the object

Minimizing the effects of impact is of paramount importance in railway windshields. CGS has developed anti-spall windows, using laminating materials such as Spallshield film that increase window strength and greatly reduce the possibility of glass fragments showering operator or passenger areas should an impact occur.

Industry Standards

CGS offers a complete line of train windshields and side window systems certified in accordance with following U.S. and Canadian railway standards.

FRA Type I
FRA Type I Tier II
FRA Type II Tier II
ANSI -Z26.1 for AS-1, AS-2 and AS-3 glass.